Testing & Compliance

Need an electrician for commercial testing and compliance on the Gold Coast?

Testing and compliance is more than just being in line with regulations. The number one reasons for testing and compliance checks is safe. Electricity is a necessity in our day to day lives and used almost without thought. We know it’s important that your electrics are working well, we also make sure they’re safe for you to use too.

It’s not just old electrical installations that can benefit from testing and compliance, new installations need to be checked as well. Along with a visual check, we use the latest in thermal imaging to find potential faults that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We offer routine testing of safety switches and equipment tagging.

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Some of the testing and compliance checks we perform

As qualified electricians, we have the skills, tools, and equipment to undertake any necessary electrical work. For testing and compliance purposes most of our work involves the following:

  • A visual inspection checking for obvious electrical hazards
  • Check all wiring (visible and behind the scenes) for exposed wires, cracked insulation, and DIY wiring
  • Check your switchboard
  • Check all safety switches, power points and lighting
  • Do an evaluation of your power efficiency
  • Testing smoke alarms and making sure they’re positioned effectively

Our checklist for testing and compliance ensures that don’t miss a thing!

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