Ways to reduce your electricity bill

 Ways to reduce your electricity bill

Who doesn’t love to save some money? Even saving a little money can be of help, and a reduction in the electricity usage can contribute a lot to your saving. Every day we waste a lot of electricity and subsequently, that’s a lot of money wasted.

Saving energy is great for both your finances and the environment. So, here are a few ways that can help you save electricity.


If we are a little mindful about our everyday activity, we can save a lot of electricity. Turning the lights and the air conditioner off while you are not using them can save a lot of electricity. Try turning things off and see if it makes any difference to your bill.

Use Energy Efficient Lighting

Contact us to discuss how we can save you money  on your power bill just by changing your lighting to LED. Its the cheapest and easiest way to save you cash

Be Energy Efficient

Check the energy efficiency of the products you buy. White good especially have an energy efficiency rating on them usually.

Electrical Installation of Solar Panels

Solar Panels can save up to 75% of the total electricity bill, it’s green, clean energy that means you can have life’s luxuries run by mother nature herself.  Check out the government deals and finance options available when it comes to solar, you might be surprised by how cheap it is to go green.

Regular Servicing your electrical appliances

There are some electrical home appliances that consume a lot of energy, and lack of electrical maintenance work and cleaning make those appliances means they need to work harder to perform. That is why you need to clean and service your air conditioner, refrigerator and other high energy consuming appliances regularly.

Fully utilise your appliances

There are a few appliances like dishwashers, dryers and washing machines for example, that take a lot of electrical energy to run. Whether you run a full dishwasher or an empty one, both will take the same amount of electricity, so, utilise your appliances to the fullest.

Using apps to monitor and control electricity

There are apps that can help you monitor your total energy consumption. This is how you will stay aware of your electricity expenses.

Let Copper and Co, ensure you are as energy efficient as possible; our certified electricians are ready to make any sort of electrical maintenance work to support you.